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She’s the quirky, cheeky model from the UK with a stunning face and attitude to match. Cara Delevingne (born August 12, 1992) is a fashion model that breaks the traditional conventions of the… Continue reading

off duty

Style is not restricted to the catwalks with the trends trickling onto the streets in an effortless fashion

Glass Queen

Once again the fashion world proves to be a leader in innovative design.  Only this time it’s not the clothing we’re referring to. Described as the ‘next form of computing’, Project Glass is the… Continue reading

Starry Eyed Comes at a Price

For some, the opportunity to even set foot inside the venue of a coveted fashion show is an experience reserved for dreams.  For others, it is a chance to cash in big and… Continue reading

venturing into bigger waters

Sifting through the Camberwell Market on any given Sunday can lead to extraordinary finds.  This week did not disappoint, as a pair of sophisticated knee high boots enticed my friend and I to… Continue reading

ultimate catwalk

Seated in the gardens of Versailles, designers, celebrities and fashionistas gathered for the Chanel Cruise ‘12/’13 show.  The fashion show has evolved into a full experience, rather than just a walking wardrobe. The… Continue reading

Shopping worth fighting for

Australia has been targeted as one of the fastest growing regions to catch the online shopping freak train, and it won’t be stopping any time soon. Technology has touched every aspect of our… Continue reading

new definition of ‘fashion savvy’

Fierce competition in the fashion industry has seen the fight to remain relevant in an increasingly technological world become the survival of the tech savviest. The fashion industry has been transformed by the… Continue reading

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