Glass Queen

Once again the fashion world proves to be a leader in innovative design.  Only this time it’s not the clothing we’re referring to.

Described as the ‘next form of computing’, Project Glass is the latest technological breakthrough from Google, making its debut on the catwalk nonetheless.  As opposed to a traditional handheld device, this new technology comes to us in a pair of unique glasses.  The introduction of wearable technology is a ploy to keep people living in the present, rather than slaves to their devices.  The glass design of the new gadget allows users to seamlessly integrate the features of an iPhone or tablet into their filed of vision, ultimately projecting the screen of a computer in front of the users face.

One industry commonly linked to technology and the internet is advertising.  This device however, finds itself leaving behind the annoyance of ads and instead allows users to immerse themselves in the unique quality of the visual experience.

Wondering how this tech savvy gadget is connected to this blog or the fashion world?  In celebration of the new device, Google lent a handful of Project Glass unit prototypes to the staff and models from Diane von Furstenberg (DVF) during New York Fashion Week 2012.

As a leader of innovation and simple design, DVF was the natural choice when deciding which label should showcase the technology.  In a statement provided by Google, Von Furstenberg explained that she was “so excited to introduce Glass to the fashion world and use this revolutionary technology to give everyone a unique perspective into fashion.”

As the models strutted the catwalk in the sleekly-designed glasses it was clear that they were being introduced to an industry that readily adapts and embraces new technology.  Various people of the DVF team used the glasses in the weeks preceding the fashion show to capture all the pre show preparations, including the elusive creative process behind the Fall 2012 collection.  This footage was then collated into a short film captured entirely through the Project Glass glasses.

Wearing the Project Glass glasses on the runway gave the models the rare chance to be on the other side of the camera.  The models could take pictures whilst on the catwalk before uploading them straight from the device to the internet, further demonstrating how the technology integrates with the Google+ community.

Being able to effectively wear a computer on your head is very science fiction-esque, closely resembling the idea of a cyborg or human robot.  As the technology industry continues to develop, people are becoming reliant on devices that effectively extend the capabilities of the average person.  Events such as fashion week work to bring new technology into the mainstream arena and introduce the next big thing to the public.

Showcasing technological devices in a fashion show is not as far fetched as you may think.  As fashion shows generally dictate the trends of an upcoming season, the inclusion of the latest gadget in a ‘look’, highlights the products necessity as a must have accessory.

The fashion industry has been positively influenced by technological breakthroughs such as Project Glass which make the world of fashion more accessible and inviting to all.

The integration of technology into every aspect of the fashion industry is indicative of the crucial role it plays in facilitating growth.  As we move into a world dominated by technology, people are learning to adapt to the new ways of doing things. Even showcasing clothing.