Shopping worth fighting for

Australia has been targeted as one of the fastest growing regions to catch the online shopping freak train, and it won’t be stopping any time soon.

Technology has touched every aspect of our modern lives with shopping proving no exception.  As one of the biggest industries in the world the retail sector has seen the number of online shoppers increase dramatically.

But why is this non-interactive form of shopping so appealing to everyone? 

You can’t check the size, pick and choose between different products, stroll around the shopping centre or interact with other shoppers.  However, these losses are similarly the positive aspects of the online shopping world.  As the pace of everyday life is consistently accelerating people now have less time to eat, sleep and shop.

The ease at which online shopping can be accessed is an attractive feature of the virtual store, which currently attracts approximately 62 per cent of Internet users within Australia.  Being able to shop when and where you want has never been more important to people who are constantly on the move and don’t have time for a leisurely browse.  Convenience is one aspect leading to this rapid increase in online shoppers but price further attracts consumers to spend on the web.

The discount consumers face when shopping online generally sees them save at least 50 per cent on products that are exactly the same in our brick and mortar stores.  Difference is, they don’t cost an arm and a leg.  In this economic down time, saving money has become a necessity and generally smart way to shop for many.

However, with the loss of people flocking to retail stores to buy the latest pair of Jimmy Choo pumps what will happen to the high fashion industry?

They too have embraced this change! As consumers move online, so too have the designers in an effort to remain relevant in an increasingly technological world.  Sites such as Net-A-Porter and Shopbop specialize in luxury brands that were once restricted to the retail stores.  Online shopping has removed barriers in terms of access to goods that were once limited due to an individual’s location.

With access to international brands people are becoming homogenised in terms of the fashions seen across the globe.  A person in American could be wearing the exact same shirt as another person sitting in Hong Kong at the same moment in time.  There are no boundaries.

Although many are adopting this new form of shopping, I don’t think I particularly like the way it is heading.  I enjoy going on regular shopping trips and scrambling through the racks of clothing trying to find something that makes me gasp for air.  Even though the crying babies, unhelpful shop assistants and parking dramas will not be missed, nothing can replicate the feeling of trying on a pair of jeans and looking at yourself thinking I must have these.  Now.

Shopping is an experience worth fight for!