As one of the most dynamic and creative industries in the world, Fashion is a world that affects all individuals.  With the introduction of new media and technological devices the industry has adapted to become more interactive and transparent.  As a result, the way in which people interact with fashion news and experience fashion events has inevitably changed.

This blog will aim to investigate the effect of technology on the fashion world, but more importantly on how it has affected every aspect of the industry.  From the way we receive fashion journalism to how technology and the internet affects the clothing designs themselves.  The many consequences of this technological world have been experienced through fashion, as it proves to be one of the leaders in technological consumption.

Further to the exploration of technology, this blog will also display a variety of images and videos that works to further reiterate the diverse nature of fashion and the individual style of major cities across the globe.

Investigation of key figures in the fashion industry will reveal how the industry has evolved over time and what effect technology has played in this.

Technology has transformed the marketing, designing and consuming of fashion products leaving designers and the public alike to rediscover the role fashion plays in our everyday lives.

As a fashion enthusiast and media student, I hope to provide a spin on the traditional fashion blog by looking towards the future of the industry and how we interact with the art around us.

This blog is written for the subject Net Communications MECM20003.