blog and you shall find….

Fashion blogs transport their readers into the pages of the latest fashion magazines ultimately redefining notions of space and noise when it comes to consuming such material.

The spectrum of what encompasses a typical ‘fashion blog’ is wider than you would expect.  With people choosing to focus on different aspects of the fashion industry it is hard to find blogs that are alike.  My blog focuses on the use of technology within the fashion industry and how this affects the way we receive fashion news and events.  As a result of the move to predominately online fashion media coverage, the way in which the industry operates has inevitably evolved.

Leandra Medine of the ‘Man Repeller’

Fashion blogs have embodied the concept of media convergence as demonstrated by the integration of numerous kinds of media within the one online platform.  Blogs present images, videos, text and links to other social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram all along side one another. The inclusion of social networking sites are not replacing blogs but rather extending to include them in their structure.  The weaving of different media’s throughout a blog allows people to self promote and present their content in an individual manner.  As Marcuse denotes “the power of the machine is only the stored up and projected power of man”, showing that it is in the hands of the men that create these technologies that they are then executed.

The Man Repeller is a fashion blog written by Leandra Medine and sees her explore the supposed fashions that women love and men hate.  This is a unique concept that has proved popular within the fashion world and allowed her to invent a separate style of clothing.  Medine incorporates various social media elements into her site allowing her followers to stay connected on multiple technological platforms.  Leandra has expanded into more than just a blogger but into an actual ‘brand’ as her presence within the fashion industry has seen her become a celebrity.

Sara Donaldon of ‘Harper & Harley’

A more image based fashion blog is Fellt, which incorporates eight different fashion writers onto the one site.  My favourite blogs on this site include Harper & Harley and Tuula.  Both these bloggers use images of themselves in various locations to advertise good fashion, and a good time.  As unknown girls the young women Sara Donaldson and Jessica Stein, have reached celebrity status through the blogging platform.  This reiterates conceptions of the blog platform as an egocentric machine that sees normal people become household names.

Jessica Stein of ‘Tuula’

Blogs are an instrumental tool through which allows anyone to self promote and share ideas with those interested in the specific topic.  Fashion blogs have the capacity to cater to niche markets ultimately making them an ideal form of communication in the subjective world of fashion.

Blogs are a media platform that promotes the sharing of ideas and raw opinion to the public.  With the rise of a more transparent industry, fashion journalism is being redefined to encompass the public in the production of online content.