front row no longer a catfight

Front row seats are no longer a fight to the death for excited fashionistas but rather an accessible luxury for anyone with access to the internet.

Live streaming of catwalk shows is the latest move from the fashion industry to incorporate technology into their main events.  The number of individual designers and websites streaming fashion shows to the public has increased dramatically since the introduction of computing technology.

Web viewers are given front row seats to the biggest fashion shows around the globe.  This removes the time and exclusivity of the catwalk, transforming the fashion industry into a more democratic and inviting one.


Having access to the content anytime, and anywhere sees the number of fashion critics and editors expand to encompass people from all backgrounds.  Audiences can share their comments and feelings on the fashion being viewed through social media sites, which have opened the discussion into the global sphere.

One obvious down side to this new technology is the loss of the experience of dressing up and attending fashion shows in person.  As someone who loves any excuse to get dressed up, I will no doubt make an effort to still attend as many shows as my wallet allows, and save the streamed ones for those out of my depth and physical location.

The shift towards a digitalized fashion industry engages the public through the close camera angles and behind the scene footage that gives the audience access to the once exclusive processes reserved for editors and designers.

After watching the shows online, viewers can then buy the clothing and accessories straight from the runway through online shopping websites.  ‘The Iconic’, is an Australian fashion website which sees purchases being delivered within three hours of placing the order.  This level of efficiency was unknown until computer technology revolutionized the shopping experience and fashion industry as a whole.

The Iconic

With technology advancing at such a fast rate it is hard to determine what will be next for the fashion industry and society as a whole.

Anything is possible as demonstrated with this next breakthrough.  Fashion designers are beginning to introduce 3D technology into their catwalk shows.  Attendants are given 3D glasses upon entering the venue, before being transformed into another world full of sights and sounds only imaginable and ultimately showcasing technology at it’s finest.

As technology moves from strength to strength, society, in particular the fashion industry is being transformed into a more diverse and connected environment.